The PlateScrape is fast and easy to use!

The Hype About The Scrape

Nina Hamilton

Heavenly Productions
“Wonderful innovative addition to our events, makes the rental cleanup quick and easy! I highly recommend the PlateScrape to all food industry professionals. Saves an amazing amount of water too!”

Steven Herring

All About Events
“The PlateScrape made it easy for us to pre-sanitize plates! After using the PlateScrape we wouldn’t go back to any other method of pre-sanitizing plates in the field.”

Thom & Jamie Jesperson

Slo Party Rental’s
“We have a rental company and run a venue in the central coast Califor- nia, we let our vendors use the PlateScrape. They LOVE it! It cuts the clean time of scraping dishes down to hardly anything. We recom- mend this to all of our caterers es- pecially when there is NO kitchen to rinse dishes. It definitely is a great tool!!!”

Aaron Linn

Linn’s Restaurant
“I have been thoroughly impressed from the beginning of coming to know Nate and his product for pre- washing plates. I am sure that we have cut our water usage by not using our overhead spray unit due to utilizing his invention. I would highly recommend other restaurants who are also high volume as ours is to look into utilizing this product.

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We pit the PlateScrape against a number of spray nozzles currently on the market. Our data and testing was performed by the Food Service Technology Center, a third party company owned by PG&E. Compare to discover how much you will save.

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